Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Bags have been distributed

Many of the committee members and attendees met at the "man house" at Ken Vonderach's house on 8/28 to assemble all of the bags, shirts, CD's, translation cards, and the extra bonus for the veterans. We have a great surprise for the vet's that is going to make them very popular in the tents this year!!! CAN'T WAIT!!! Der Stinker was so excited about the schwag that he had me FED EX his stuff to him. The new jackets look great.

You think something so simple as putting one 3 shirts and a few other things in a bag would be pretty easy...NOT. Somehow we misplaced one of the jackets. Did anyone get a jacket in their bag who didn't pay for one? The jackets were extra and you would have had to send a separate check to Randy Hahn if you did purchase one. If you have an extra jacket, please let Hahn or Bloom know asap.

Check out the link for our Miss Ofest 2007 on the side. She represents all of the brains, beauty, and worldliness that our group is proud to stand for.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Preview the Schwag!!

Take a look at the great schwag of '07. We have awesome rolling suitcases to go along with the shirts and CD's and other surprise stuff! Bags are going to be ready for pickup on Wednesday. Thanks to Sharkvoice for the pictures (right out of FHM) and for Vondy for hosting the 10 of us at his house for the assembly process of the bags. We loved the Ofest beer and brats and sauerkraut that he had out for us. Never mind the smell...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Starting to lose sleep yet???

Herr Hasselhoff is already beginning to lose sleep over the impending trip. I hope that you are getting into shape prior to departure, lest you wind up on the "Hill of Shame." I have had some reports from Hawaii, Phoenix, Mexico, and the East Bay about some serious training that is being undertaken. Don't just show up on game day and expect to be in top form. You need to ensure your liver is ready for all of the golden nectar that it will enjoy.

We are assembling all of the travel bags and will have them on their way to you early next week. Expect to receive your stuff by the beginning of September. We have the best compilation of schwag ever this year. Look out for your bags...

Room assignments will also be finalized with the travel agent in the next week or so. I am confident that you will be with your buddies. If not, you will be partnered with your new buddies! Ofest has a way of helping you make new friends. Dennis Colvin already made a new friend and he is still over a month away from Ofest. We all look forward to meeting his new buddy, Helmut.

More news will continually be posted on this site, so check back regularly...