Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hacker Herren Set For Biggest Group Ever in 2017- 75 Guys Will Ascend Into The Hacker Festzelt

We will have 49 veterans returning this year along with 26 rookies.   75 Hacker Herren  will rock the tent this year.  It is by far our largest group yet. We will have to break up into two hotels for only the second time in history.  From our humble beginnings where we sat around a bench or two, we will take up an entire section on the floor of the Hacker Festzelt.  We are going to miss two legends who are sitting out this year.  Legacy and Der Stinker won't make it in 2017, but Pudge and Seven will return after a one year hiatus.  Looking forward to another spectacular year.  The training is kicking off as Springtime kicks into full gear and we cruise into summer.  Make sure you share your training pictures.