Saturday, October 6, 2018

These are the ladies behind the Hacker Herren. Don't they look beautiful with their Edelweiss necklaces? All of their guys have been with the Hacker Herren at least 10 years!

Cecile Seams and Liz Venema are glowing with their new necklaces
Penny Steinbeck hasn't taken off her jewels  
Mary Lou Azevedo looking spectacular with her new addition

Doesn't Rebecca Ullrich look happy surrounded with 10 diamonds?

Mrs Bloom glowing with her shimmering Blue Topaz center

Melissa Sequeira took her new jewelry to Ireland to show it off
Mrs. Legacy with the matching outfit really brings out the beauty

Roy 2038???  A cutie for sure!!!

Pretty Heather Weiss looks even prettier when wearing her new Edel-Weiss

The ROY Hat is headed back to Corona, CA for the 3rd time!!!

RigoBigo, Rigo Bojorquez earned the prestigious Rookie of the Year (ROY) for 2018!  He embraced the "gemutlichkeit" spirit that really defines why Oktoberfest is so special.  Rigo was a bundle of energy as he enjoyed a beer with as many people as possible.  His infectious personality enhanced the Hacker Herren and made us a better group of men.  Thank you for joining the Hacker Herren Rigo and Congratulations!!

MoJoe is going to Rock the Vest for the next year!!!

Joe Ullrich was an overwhelming choice for the Hackermeister (HAM) Award as the Veteran of the year!  Joe has been part of the Hacker Herren for 11 straight years!  He truly represents what is good about the Hacker Herren.  A great, son, father, husband, brother, and great person.  Joe joined us with a heavy heart this year, but his dad would have wanted him to be with his brothers at this trying time.  We love you, Joe and we are proud to be your friend.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Training for Oktoberfest 2018 has kicked off... How's your training going?

this is why we train... Tix have arrived for Saturday night!!
Utah takes his training to a new level... only a keg will do
Knochen Doc is a rookie, but he isn't acting like one.  When on the road in Colorado Springs he manages a training session!
Training in Livermore, CA with Marco Braun from Munich!!  Dickinson,Cunningham,Rosenbaum,Venema,Steele,Kimo,Dee, Melissa,MARCO, Pudge, Hoff
Geordie training for his 4th trip with the Hacker Herren in VA
The Lorentz men are tuning up thier training with the real stuff

Hoff, Vedo, Vido, Ramsey, and future Rookie Gleb breaking in the training season at Vedo's

Knochen Doc and Hofhund celebrating a 50th Bday.  How awesome is it that Ofest is the theme of their celebration??

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hacker Herren will be a Man Down in 2018-Rookie John Hough (Der Stier)

I have never been so certain that i knew who the Rookie of the Year was going to be.  John talked about Oktoberfest and thought about Oktoberfest almost every single day.  I visited with him in Seattle and he found a bar that sold Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold on tap so that we could train together.  In this picture, he was breaking in his lederhosen with his beautiful wife, Sara.  He was so passionate about joining the Hacker Herren and was already recruiting his buddies for 2019 (remember, he has never even been yet!).  We will all hoist a maß for you, John.  RIP.  See you in the clouds inside the tent, Der Stier.  Prost!

Here are some of the pictures that he has sent to me over the months of his training... I'm sure it'll give you a sense of how excited he was to join the Hacker Herren

Saturday, March 10, 2018

RIP Georg Angerer... leader of Cagey Strings

We will look for you in the clouds at the Himmel Der Bayern

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The 2017 Reunion Party Was A Resounding Prost Of A Good Time

Barons Jewelers was the host of our reunion party again this year.  Anke Kuhlman, our waitress from Germany on Saturday night upstairs made the journey to join us for our reunion.  She looked great in her dirndl and her big smile.  Now, she has retired from the waitress life and will become a school teacher in Munich.  Good luck to Anke.  Thanks to all of the Hacker Herren who attended the reunion.  We had food from The Little Red Riding Truck again this year (4th year in a row).  We enjoyed schnitzel, bratwursts, sauerkraut, and some big pretzels along with the highlight of the party... Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold!!!  And lots of it!  Prost!

The Ofest Reunion at Barons Jewelers 

Our host Ronnie Heller enjoying some schnitzel
Anke and two Rookies in 2018.  How did the Harris brothers get to hang out with Anke???

Der Stinker flew up for the party.  Mav hosted Anke for a couple nights in San Francisco 

The hungry huddled masses

Ken Justice will be back in 2018.  Stan and his son Bryce are swearing that they will be there in '19

After missing a year, look who's back!  Dwight, Chris, and Jim!