Thursday, October 29, 2020

Where The Heck Are the Hacker Herren?

 The Hacker Herren are a diverse and fun group of guys from all over the world.  They are proud to be part of this great group and aren't afraid to show their pride by wearing their Hacker Herren shirts and/or lederhosen in some interesting places. Where is the most fun place you've worn yours??  Send pix and lets enjoy the fun times together since we weren't able to enjoy Oktoberfest this year.  We can stay connected in other way.  

Hoff Riding Peloton in Lederhosen and taking Oktoberfest theme class

Our famous "Hahn" running through the Silicon Valley in his hosen

Bad Monkey is always looking good in his hosen!!  Even while doing Crossfit!

Alex (Smitty) Smith was able to negotiate a great deal in his lederhosen.  

Roy X wins the award for looking the best in his Trachten.  Hopefully, as his little ghosts and goblins get older, he can return to the Wies'n

The Wiesn started when a princess got married.  Maybe we will have another Wiesn in Chicago in a couple decades???  Prost Mickers and his prinzess

Sparty knows how to party.  May not be wearing lederhosen, but he has a bang up outfit

K-Bax and Kopenhagen may have left their lederhosen behind, but they sure know how to enjoy a mass

Friday, September 25, 2020

Oktoberfest may be cancelled this year, but we can still celebrate NOktoberfest around the world

The Hacker Herren celebrated Kimo's birthday on Zoom instead of in the HackerFestzelt like we normally do.  Thanks for a fun evening to the guys on the Zoom Ofest party

Rookies are so disappointed that they couldn't wear their lederhosen in Munich.  But he looks just as good in New England with his outstanding outfit.  See you in 2021 Patrick Dugan!

Hoff and Mrs Hoff both wearing lederhosen while celebrating NOktoberfest at Old Mecklenberg Brewery in Charlotte, NC

The Midwest Mafia got together in Milwaukee and enjoyed the day with a few masses together.  Prost

Jan is celebrating NOktoberfest in Munich. He brought a cute friend and stayed at the Ars Vivendi with Rico!  Prost


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Awesome custom jackets painted by @sweet_peach_denim will make missing Oktoberfest 2020 a bit easier...

Here are two examples of jackets that she painted.  Check out her IG if you want her to paint something custom for you or you can check out her inventory that is ready to ship today.  Pricing is VERY reasonable for a work of art that you can wear.   She has a stop online   take a look.  I'm sure she could do some edelweiss for the ladies... 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Hacker Herren CHICAGO reunion set for May 8 @ The Berghoff-POSTPONED TBD

We will be hosting another Hacker Herren reunion for the Midwest Mafia at Chicago's oldest bar (liquor license #1).  The Berghoff in Downtown Chicago is a great place for us to gather together and laugh again about what a great time we have at Oktoberfest and see old and new friends.  John (Utah) Glynn is organizing the second annual event.  We are expecting a few dozen Hacker Herren to be in attendance.  Wives, GF's, and any other friends are all invited.  $75 for unlimited German food and beer.  We expect to have a special guest from Germany join us for the evening.  Hope to see you there.  

Monday, January 13, 2020

Bay Area Hacker Herren Oktoberfest Reunion Jan 30 6:30pm @ Barons Jewelers

Jan 30 will be a fun night as we get together and catch up with each other and relive the friendships and gemutlichkeit from Oktoberfest 2019.  Thanks to Ronnie Heller and Barons Jewelers for hosting the party.  Thanks also to Ruby Hill Winery and the Callahans for the tables and chairs.  We will enjoy catering from Little Red Riding Truck again this year.  Why mess with perfection?  Cost is $40 via venmo ken-bloom or paypal  or pay at the door.  It will also be the LAST day to sign up for Oktoberfest 2020.  All 85 spots will be gone by Jan 31.  Looking forward to seeing you there.