Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dates for 2016 are Sept 22-24, 2016

The dates for our trip for 2016 will be Sept 22,23,24.  Rico and the staff at Ars Vivendi will be hosting us again for the 7th year in a row.  We will take over the entire hotel again this year so we can only have around 50 spots due to the size of his hotel and the Saturday night reservation that we have at the Hacker Festzelt.

We are going to sell out early again this year.  The reunion is Feb 4, 2016 at Rubino Winery in Pleasanton,  The Evite will go out shortly with all of the details.  We will begin accepting checks at the reunion for 2016 trip.

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Let me know if you have any questions,

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The first check for 2016 has been received!

Schwein Schwert had such a good time with the Hacker Herren that as soon as he returned home, he dropped a payment in to lock in his spot for 2016.  I guess he didn't want to wait until the official date in January when we open up reservations for the 2016 trip.  It got to my home before i did!!  #You think you know...But you have no idea!

Vedo is the worlds fastest beer chugger... And he's a member of the Hacker Herren!!! Prost

Just to show, that you think you know, but you have no idea...  Vedo chugged two liters BACK TO BACK.  I've been going to Oktoberfest for 20 years and I have NEVER seen this pulled off, let alone in 15 seconds!  He had to do it that fast in order to make it Instagramable!!

Mutig Mick wrote a nice letter summarizing his feelings after Oktoberfest 2015

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have been invited in to the Hacker Herren and how much I appreciate all the effort you put in to making this all come together over the past few months.

 One of my favorite comedy troupes, The National Lampoon, once did a skit where a guy was telling a girl (Trying to talk her in to sex) that if all her life she heard how delicious a steak was and never had one, then when finally she tasted steak, no matter how perfect the cut or how well it was cooked, it could never ever live up to her expectations. I have to admit that as a rookie, reading all of the emails, contemplating in my mind how great it sounded and must be, and keeping the Hacker Herren motto in mind; I was having a bit of anxiety as to whether or not I would be a bit disappointed. Wow, was I wrong. It was far better than I could have ever expected! 
 In my 51 years I have had some awesome times, visited some amazing places, and thoroughly enjoyed some unique experiences; last week was by far the best yet. Thank you. 

 A couple of the Hacker Herren and I have already made contact via email and will, no doubt, be visiting one another when we visit our respective parts of the Country.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Midwest Mafia Getting Their Training Off To A Great Start In Chicago

When Bad Monkey comes into town, it is a great excuse for a training session.  Fresh off a three day training session at the All Star Game, Bad Monkey led the boys through their paces in the Windy City.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Training Is In Full Swing Around The USA for Oktoberfest 2015 With The Hacker Herren

The Steinys are the only family with two ROYs.  Will the Vondys or Dickinsons join this elite club?
The Natural and Pocket think they don't need their drinking shoes during training
Doc's lederhosen will be broken in by Ofest 2015.  Spilled beer and brat smoke is good for the seasoning
On looks alone, one of you will win ROY 15!!!

Nice Start Mav!!  

Tampa...Look out!!!  Norski and Wild Bill are training in your town!

Obviously the Rookie will remove the orange slice if he wants any chance at ROY 15
See... a quick learner

Friday, February 13, 2015

Rico and his team at Ars Vivendi Hotel are the BEST

Upon arrival in Munich, each year Rico and his team take great care of the Hacker Herren.   We occupy the entire hotel for our three days.  Rico and the team do a great job answering all of our questions, meeting our needs, and greeting us with smiles when our heads are pounding!!!  Thanks to they guys at Hotel Ars Vivendi!  We highly recommend that you stay there for any of your trips to Munich.  Prost Rico!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hacker Herren has sold out OFEST 2015

As incredible as it sounds, we sold out our entire group of 50 people in ONE DAY!    We are already putting people onto the waiting list for Ofest 2015.

Don't forget the dates for our trip are Sept 24-26, 2015

Rookies, you need to ensure that you buy lederhosen as they are mandatory for our group these days.  You can see a link on this blogsite for a vendor of lederhosen.  We are going to have about >20 rookies this year so another good crop is getting ready to compete for the ROY '15.