Friday, May 16, 2008

Details about Ofest '08

Looks like we are going to have about 25 of us in the group this year. We are changing hotels due to the fact that the Maria didn't have enough room for us this year. This year we are staying at the TRYP Hotel Munich. The rooms are reserved for arrival on Sept 25 and depart on Sept 28. If you are arriving earlier or need to stay a day later, contact Ken Bloom asap! The hotel is just as close as the Maria, but in a slightly different direction. When you arrive on Thursday, head directly to the hotel and then to the Hacker Tent. We will be in the same area that we always are, in Matteus' section. Friday morning we will meet at 8:00 am in the lobby of the hotel and do the death march over to the tent so we can all sit together. Saturday morning we will likely do a tour of some sort (everyone liked the bike Tour last year so we can do it this year with a different itinerary). We will have reservations at the Hacker Tent on Saturday night like we always do. Saturday will be the good day to nurse the 2 day hangover. Party like rock stars on Saturday night up in the balcony and then head off back home or into Europe on Sunday!

You need to make your own flight arrangements this year. We are making the shirts and bags for you right now, so i should have all of your nicknames, sizes, etc. If you want to change them then let me know!