Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lesson for all Rookies... You gotta pace yourselves

It was all fun and games...

Ya Wanna Rub Our Bellies???
Country Roads...or Sweet Caroline?

I swear i thought this was a good idea at the time


Until someone got hurt...

Wanna See Me Chug Another One???

And those first 7 masses tasted so good!!1

Anyone seen Gretel?

Hacker Herren Training has officially begun...At Lake Tulloch

The smacktalk is starting to pick up.   I hope you are embarking upon your summer training regimen.  I know the guys who attended Bloomerfest all had their first taste of the Hacker Pscorr lager of the season and it was good. The two kegs were annihilated by the Herren.  It was great to see MoJoe, MitchaPalooza, and ROY X or ROL X or D Unit and their wives and families at the lake. They all flew in from Chicagoland.  On top of that we had another 150 of our friends show up and party on our deck at the lake.  Scoop, Kimo, French Silk, Davey Boy, K BAX, Vido, Vedo, Sasek, Colvin, 7, Dee, Der Stinker, Drunkenstein, Dudelsacker, Blitz, Legacy, and a few future rookies all enjoyed the Munich Gold.

The vets are all wondering what 7 will do for his 7th year!   He's very secretive, so i'm sure it is going to be good...