Sunday, October 1, 2017

Reunion Party All Set For Jan. 25, 2018

We are going to be having our reunion in Pleasanton area again on January 25, 2018.  Location TBA but save the date.    We will be honored with the visit from our waitress from the tent, Anke Kuhlmann.  We will officially take reservations for 2018 at the reunion.  Everyone is invited to enjoy some German food from Little Red Riding Truck and of course some great German beer.  The debut of the 2017 video will also be highlighted.  This is not limited to just the people who have attended Oktoberfest, but friends and family are also invited.    Prost.

Seven Is The Hacker Meister, HAM17 Winner. Long Overdue!!!

Seven has been enjoying Oktoberfest since his first day entering the Hacker Festzelt in 2007 when he won the ROY07 award.  He then took on the nickname of Seven since he was so proud of his reign.  Seven continues to embrace the "gemutlichkeit" on a daily basis and has that huge smile for everyone.  Inside the tent, you don't have to look far to see Seven (aka VI) stomping on tables, taking his shirt off, and sharing his smile with everyone.  Congratulations, Steve Venema on earning the HAM award as Veteran of the Year 2017.

Devil Dog Ran Away With The ROY 17 Award.. Congrats Shawn Fritz

When one asks, What does it take to win the Rookie of the Year award?"  look no further than this picture.  Devil Dog exhibited the friendliness, joy, respect, and spirit of Oktoberfest from the minute he arrived into the Hacker Festzelt.  He even arrived a day early, so this was a 4 day thrillride for Devil Dog.  His father in law, Mikey O. was a proud peacock as the ROY hat was placed upon Devil Dog's head.  Now he needs to break the news to his wife that he must return in 2018!!!  Good Luck, Shawn and CONGRATULATIONS.