Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Oktoberfest 2022 is ON!!!

 The Lord Mayor announced that Oktoberfest will happen in 2022 as originally planned.  This should be a Wiesn as normal Oktoberfest.  There will not be any restrictions.  We have over 100 guys joining our group this year.  First time we will be over 100 people.  Not sure how we will pull it off, but I do know that we will pull it off.  We have such a great group of veterans/leaders that we will ensure all the guys have a great trip.  We will be staying 61 people at Ars Vivendi and 40 people at Hotel Seibel.  All the rookies will be at the Ars Vivendi.

We are working on the schwag with @dencoincorporated again this year.  We will be looking good again with our custom shirts.  

This year we will be hosting two members from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. It'll be their first visit to Oktoberfest Munich. Amazing that they do such a great job putting on the largest Oktoberfest in USA, but never have been to Munich Ofest. They will have a great time.  They did a great job hosting us last year when we had our Oktoberfest on US Soil for the first time.  

Hopefully you will begin training early so that we don't miss a step once we arrive in Munich this year.  

Prost and stay tuned!