Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Awesome custom jackets painted by @sweet_peach_denim will make missing Oktoberfest 2020 a bit easier...

Here are two examples of jackets that she painted.  Check out her IG if you want her to paint something custom for you or you can check out her inventory that is ready to ship today.  Pricing is VERY reasonable for a work of art that you can wear.   She has a stop online   take a look.  I'm sure she could do some edelweiss for the ladies... 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Hacker Herren CHICAGO reunion set for May 8 @ The Berghoff-POSTPONED TBD

We will be hosting another Hacker Herren reunion for the Midwest Mafia at Chicago's oldest bar (liquor license #1).  The Berghoff in Downtown Chicago is a great place for us to gather together and laugh again about what a great time we have at Oktoberfest and see old and new friends.  John (Utah) Glynn is organizing the second annual event.  We are expecting a few dozen Hacker Herren to be in attendance.  Wives, GF's, and any other friends are all invited.  $75 for unlimited German food and beer.  We expect to have a special guest from Germany join us for the evening.  Hope to see you there.  

Monday, January 13, 2020

Bay Area Hacker Herren Oktoberfest Reunion Jan 30 6:30pm @ Barons Jewelers

Jan 30 will be a fun night as we get together and catch up with each other and relive the friendships and gemutlichkeit from Oktoberfest 2019.  Thanks to Ronnie Heller and Barons Jewelers for hosting the party.  Thanks also to Ruby Hill Winery and the Callahans for the tables and chairs.  We will enjoy catering from Little Red Riding Truck again this year.  Why mess with perfection?  Cost is $40 via venmo ken-bloom or paypal  or pay at the door.  It will also be the LAST day to sign up for Oktoberfest 2020.  All 85 spots will be gone by Jan 31.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

FAQ's for Hacker Herren Rookies in 2020

Hacker Herren Rookie FAQ’s
·         What are the dates of the trip in 2020?
o   We will be in the tents on Sept 24,5,6, 2020
·         Where is Oktoberfest?
o   Located in the center of Munich near Theresenwiese U Bahn station

  • Where do we stay ?
    • Hotel Ars Vivendi 
      Anglerstra├če 19 
      D-80339 M├╝nchen Germany
      Phone +49 (0) 89-508070-0 
      Fax +49 (0) 89-508070-70
·         What is covered if i go with the Hacker Herren??

o   3 nights at hotel walking distance to Oktoberfest grounds 9/24,5,6, including breakfast each day
o   Reservation on Saturday night in the tent and entrance on Thursday and Friday to the best location in the Hacker Festzelt tent-right next to the band
o   Vouchers for  dinner and beer on Saturday night plus other beer vouchers
o   3 shirts plus other schwag to be enjoyed during your trip
o   3 nights VIP service that is not available to the public. The relationships inside the tent with the staff is only available with 26 years worth of relationships. Cannot buy this
o   26 years of experience making sure your entire Ofest experience is simple, easy ,fun
·         What other costs am I likely to incur?
o   Flights generally cost around $1500 roundtrip to Munich.  You make these on your own
o   Food and beer and incidentals  about $100-$150/day which you pay on your own
-Lederhosen are mandatory.  They generally cost around $100-$150 and can be found online in many locations.

When should I plan to arrive?
o   It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible on Thursday 9/24
·         When should I plan to depart MUC?
o   After noon on 9/27. Early flights are not recommended.  You will need sleep
·         If I am making a longer European trip out of this, should I go to Europe before Ofest or after?
o   We recommend that you arrive into Europe PRIOR to Ofest so that you can get over your jetlag while enjoying London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome or anywhere else you desire
·         What is a typical day at Oktoberfest
o   The main group will be inside the Hacker Pschorr Festzelt tent all day from 10am-10:30pm.  Food is available inside the tent and it is really good. You can also walk around the Oktoberfest grounds (like the county/state fairgrounds) and pick up food.  We will get pizza or doner kebabs at the end of each night. It is just across the street from the tents.
Saturday we have reservations beginning at 6pm so you can sleep in
o   There are huge carnival rides, games, food, and people watching to allow you to take a break when needed throughout the day. Because you are with our group, wearing our shirts you will be able to get in and out of the tent throughout the day. Other people can not get back in once they leave the tent.

o   Typically we do a Munich bike ride on Saturday morning or some other touristy thing to see a bit of Munich which allows you to tick off the box for "seeing Munich"

Monday, October 7, 2019

Skip King proudly dons the Rookie of the Year (ROY19) hat!

If anyone fully exemplifies what the word gemutlichkeit mean, it is SKIP.  He showed so much friendliness, openness, fun, good times and just embraced the spirit of Oktoberfest.  He met so many new wonderful friends at Oktoberfest and made everyone feel very special.  We can tell how many people he met by how many people had stamps on their bodies.  Next year he will have to change is nickname from the least original, SKIP to something related to his stamp happy personality.  Congrats to SKIP KING as ROY 19.  You will wear the hat proudly for the next year.

The Hoff is Humbled to wear the Hackermeister (HAM) vest in 2019 as veteran of the year

Our Service Team (FRIENDS) look great in the Hacker Herren Schwag!!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Training Season Has Officially Launched for Oktoberfest 2019

Sysco Kid, Hasselhoff, and wives training with live bullets
Utah, Big Country, Leemo, and Big Country know how to train.  These are elite athletes!

HAM sandwich Rabbit, Godfather, Bad Monkey training together

Impromptu Training in Pleasanton, CA
NSFW  Did Borat crash the training session with Chinstrap, Pudge, and 7?  Avert your eyes.   
Der Stinker has 15 yrs experience.  He doesn't limit training to beer only
Cheeto  and JBone take their training seriously at Teske's
KGB took his training behind the Iron Curtain in Prague
Kiff getting acclimated in Croatia. He looks like he will be ready by Oktoberfest!

Orange County Training at Old World in Huntington Beach
Sysco Kid is off to a great start

It is a marathon, not a sprint

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hacker Herren Swag Helps With The Summer Training Regimen

Blackout and LeeMo.  2 ROYS in one room???

Bad Monkey with Hacker Herren Hat on Hammock!

The FIRST ROY-Der Stinker with cool Hacker Herren Hat

Blackout on the Lake with cool Hacker Herren Hat

Bad Monkey may need another cool Hacker Herren Hat

Blackout's friend looking good with Cool Hacker Herren Hat

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

If this doesn't get you ready for Oktoberfest 2019, Don't Go!!!

Ohhhh.... Look at the cute rookies training for Oktoberfest 2019.....

Sysco Kid hurting a mass

Sysco cooling off

Sand Devil shotgunning with both barrels!
Cheeto training at the OG place, Teske's in San Jose, CA w/ JBone

Friday, February 8, 2019

Hacker Herren Oktoberfest Reunion Party-Great Food, Friends, Film, and reFreshments

Barons Jewelers was the site where 40 guys got together and enjoyed some great times together reliving the fun and frivolity of Oktoberfest 2018.  We saw some old friends and made some new ones.  Great German food, HackerPschorr beer and  the debut of the highlight video from Oktoberfest 2018.  Thanks to Ruby Hill Winery for helping out and ensuring a good time was had by one and all.  We are looking forward to another good time April 4 in Chicago when we have our first Midwest version of the reunion.  It'll be at world famous Berghoff restaurant. Prost!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

These are the ladies behind the Hacker Herren. Don't they look beautiful with their Edelweiss necklaces? All of their guys have been with the Hacker Herren at least 10 years!

Cecile Seams and Liz Venema are glowing with their new necklaces
Penny Steinbeck hasn't taken off her jewels  
Mary Lou Azevedo looking spectacular with her new addition

Doesn't Rebecca Ullrich look happy surrounded with 10 diamonds?

Mrs Bloom glowing with her shimmering Blue Topaz center

Melissa Sequeira took her new jewelry to Ireland to show it off
Mrs. Legacy with the matching outfit really brings out the beauty

Roy 2038???  A cutie for sure!!!

Pretty Heather Weiss looks even prettier when wearing her new Edel-Weiss

The ROY Hat is headed back to Corona, CA for the 3rd time!!!

RigoBigo, Rigo Bojorquez earned the prestigious Rookie of the Year (ROY) for 2018!  He embraced the "gemutlichkeit" spirit that really defines why Oktoberfest is so special.  Rigo was a bundle of energy as he enjoyed a beer with as many people as possible.  His infectious personality enhanced the Hacker Herren and made us a better group of men.  Thank you for joining the Hacker Herren Rigo and Congratulations!!

MoJoe is going to Rock the Vest for the next year!!!

Joe Ullrich was an overwhelming choice for the Hackermeister (HAM) Award as the Veteran of the year!  Joe has been part of the Hacker Herren for 11 straight years!  He truly represents what is good about the Hacker Herren.  A great, son, father, husband, brother, and great person.  Joe joined us with a heavy heart this year, but his dad would have wanted him to be with his brothers at this trying time.  We love you, Joe and we are proud to be your friend.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Training for Oktoberfest 2018 has kicked off... How's your training going?

this is why we train... Tix have arrived for Saturday night!!
Utah takes his training to a new level... only a keg will do
Knochen Doc is a rookie, but he isn't acting like one.  When on the road in Colorado Springs he manages a training session!
Training in Livermore, CA with Marco Braun from Munich!!  Dickinson,Cunningham,Rosenbaum,Venema,Steele,Kimo,Dee, Melissa,MARCO, Pudge, Hoff
Geordie training for his 4th trip with the Hacker Herren in VA
The Lorentz men are tuning up thier training with the real stuff

Hoff, Vedo, Vido, Ramsey, and future Rookie Gleb breaking in the training season at Vedo's

Knochen Doc and Hofhund celebrating a 50th Bday.  How awesome is it that Ofest is the theme of their celebration??