Friday, June 1, 2018

Training for Oktoberfest 2018 has kicked off... How's your training going?

this is why we train... Tix have arrived for Saturday night!!
Utah takes his training to a new level... only a keg will do
Knochen Doc is a rookie, but he isn't acting like one.  When on the road in Colorado Springs he manages a training session!
Training in Livermore, CA with Marco Braun from Munich!!  Dickinson,Cunningham,Rosenbaum,Venema,Steele,Kimo,Dee, Melissa,MARCO, Pudge, Hoff
Geordie training for his 4th trip with the Hacker Herren in VA
The Lorentz men are tuning up thier training with the real stuff

Hoff, Vedo, Vido, Ramsey, and future Rookie Gleb breaking in the training season at Vedo's

Knochen Doc and Hofhund celebrating a 50th Bday.  How awesome is it that Ofest is the theme of their celebration??

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hacker Herren will be a Man Down in 2018-Rookie John Hough (Der Stier)

I have never been so certain that i knew who the Rookie of the Year was going to be.  John talked about Oktoberfest and thought about Oktoberfest almost every single day.  I visited with him in Seattle and he found a bar that sold Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold on tap so that we could train together.  In this picture, he was breaking in his lederhosen with his beautiful wife, Sara.  He was so passionate about joining the Hacker Herren and was already recruiting his buddies for 2019 (remember, he has never even been yet!).  We will all hoist a maß for you, John.  RIP.  See you in the clouds inside the tent, Der Stier.  Prost!

Here are some of the pictures that he has sent to me over the months of his training... I'm sure it'll give you a sense of how excited he was to join the Hacker Herren

Saturday, March 10, 2018

RIP Georg Angerer... leader of Cagey Strings

We will look for you in the clouds at the Himmel Der Bayern

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The 2017 Reunion Party Was A Resounding Prost Of A Good Time

Barons Jewelers was the host of our reunion party again this year.  Anke Kuhlman, our waitress from Germany on Saturday night upstairs made the journey to join us for our reunion.  She looked great in her dirndl and her big smile.  Now, she has retired from the waitress life and will become a school teacher in Munich.  Good luck to Anke.  Thanks to all of the Hacker Herren who attended the reunion.  We had food from The Little Red Riding Truck again this year (4th year in a row).  We enjoyed schnitzel, bratwursts, sauerkraut, and some big pretzels along with the highlight of the party... Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold!!!  And lots of it!  Prost!

The Ofest Reunion at Barons Jewelers 

Our host Ronnie Heller enjoying some schnitzel
Anke and two Rookies in 2018.  How did the Harris brothers get to hang out with Anke???

Der Stinker flew up for the party.  Mav hosted Anke for a couple nights in San Francisco 

The hungry huddled masses

Ken Justice will be back in 2018.  Stan and his son Bryce are swearing that they will be there in '19

After missing a year, look who's back!  Dwight, Chris, and Jim!

Friday, November 24, 2017

FAQ's for Hacker Herren Rookies in 2018

Hacker Herren Rookie FAQ’s
·         What are the dates of the trip in 2018?
o   We will be in the tents on Sept 27,28,29, 2018
·         Where is Oktoberfest?
o   Located in the center of Munich near Theresenwiese U Bahn station

  • Where do we stay ?
    • Hotel Ars Vivendi 
      Anglerstraße 19 
      D-80339 München Germany
      Phone +49 (0) 89-508070-0 
      Fax +49 (0) 89-508070-70
·         What is covered if i go with the Hacker Herren??

o   3 nights at hotel walking distance to Oktoberfest grounds 9/27,8,9, including breakfast each day
o   Reservation on Saturday night in the tent and entrance on Thursday and Friday to the best location in the tent-right next to the band

o   Vouchers for  dinner and beer on Saturday night plus other beer vouchers
o   3 shirts plus other schwag to be enjoyed during your trip
o   3 nights VIP service that is not available to the public. The relationships inside the tent with the staff is only available with 22 years worth of relationships. Cannot buy this
o   22 years of experience making sure your entire Ofest experience is simple, easy ,fun
o   Donation to charity on behalf of the Hacker Herren
·         What other costs am I likely to incur?
o   Flights generally cost around $1500 roundtrip to Munich.  You make these on your own
o   Food and beer and incidentals  about $100-$150/day which you pay on your own
-Lederhosen are mandatory.  They generally cost around $100-$150.  One source where you can buy them online is:

When should I plan to arrive?
o   It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible on Thursday 9/27
·         When should I plan to depart MUC?
o   After noon on 9/30. Early flights are not recommended.  You will need sleep
·         If I am making a longer European trip out of this, should I go to Europe before Ofest or after?
o   We recommend that you arrive into Europe PRIOR to Ofest so that you can get over your jetlag while enjoying London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome or anywhere else you desire
·         What is a typical day at Oktoberfest
o   The main group will be inside the Hacker Pschorr Festzelt tent all day from 10am-10:30pm.  Food is available inside the tent and it is really good. You can also walk around the Oktoberfest grounds (like the fairgrounds) and pick up food.  We will get pizza at the end of each night. It is just across the street from the tents.
Saturday we have reservations beginning at 6pm so you can sleep in
o   There are huge carnival rides, games, food, and people watching to allow you to take a break when needed throughout the day. Because you are with our group, wearing our shirts you will be able to get in and out of the tent throughout the day. Other people can not get back in once they leave the tent.

o   Typically we do a Munich bike ride on Saturday or some other touristy thing to see a bit of Munich which allows you to tick off the box for "seeing Munich"

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Reunion Party All Set For Jan. 25, 2018

We are going to be having our reunion in Pleasanton area again on January 25, 2018.  Location TBA but save the date.    We will be honored with the visit from our waitress from the tent, Anke Kuhlmann.  We will officially take reservations for 2018 at the reunion.  Everyone is invited to enjoy some German food from Little Red Riding Truck and of course some great German beer.  The debut of the 2017 video will also be highlighted.  This is not limited to just the people who have attended Oktoberfest, but friends and family are also invited.    Prost.

Seven Is The Hacker Meister, HAM17 Winner. Long Overdue!!!

Seven has been enjoying Oktoberfest since his first day entering the Hacker Festzelt in 2007 when he won the ROY07 award.  He then took on the nickname of Seven since he was so proud of his reign.  Seven continues to embrace the "gemutlichkeit" on a daily basis and has that huge smile for everyone.  Inside the tent, you don't have to look far to see Seven (aka VI) stomping on tables, taking his shirt off, and sharing his smile with everyone.  Congratulations, Steve Venema on earning the HAM award as Veteran of the Year 2017.

Devil Dog Ran Away With The ROY 17 Award.. Congrats Shawn Fritz

When one asks, What does it take to win the Rookie of the Year award?"  look no further than this picture.  Devil Dog exhibited the friendliness, joy, respect, and spirit of Oktoberfest from the minute he arrived into the Hacker Festzelt.  He even arrived a day early, so this was a 4 day thrillride for Devil Dog.  His father in law, Mikey O. was a proud peacock as the ROY hat was placed upon Devil Dog's head.  Now he needs to break the news to his wife that he must return in 2018!!!  Good Luck, Shawn and CONGRATULATIONS.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Training is well underway for Ofest 2017

Everything is happening much bigger and faster this year than ever before.  75 guys will be in the Hacker Herren this year.  All sold out on day 1.  The training has begun...

Training with the better halves in Cincinnati.  Cincy is home to the largest Oktoberfest in the USA, but that isn't good enough for Flea (r), Helwig, and Viper(r). They are going overseas for the #1 worldwide event!

Rookies and Vets and beer Oh My!!

Here we go again with Pocket and The Natural... Looking in game shape already

Need we say more???

Mojoe and Hammer getting a hole in one!

Mixing Biz With Pleasure in SF

Training at Altitude... With a Pliney
About to go hunting in Halifax

Training on Opening Day in SF...
Kopenhagen, KBAX, ROY14, and family

Training in Walla Walla, WA
Roy17, Roy16, and Utah in ChiTown

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hacker Herren Set For Biggest Group Ever in 2017- 75 Guys Will Ascend Into The Hacker Festzelt

We will have 49 veterans returning this year along with 26 rookies.   75 Hacker Herren  will rock the tent this year.  It is by far our largest group yet. We will have to break up into two hotels for only the second time in history.  From our humble beginnings where we sat around a bench or two, we will take up an entire section on the floor of the Hacker Festzelt.  We are going to miss two legends who are sitting out this year.  Legacy and Der Stinker won't make it in 2017, but Pudge and Seven will return after a one year hiatus.  Looking forward to another spectacular year.  The training is kicking off as Springtime kicks into full gear and we cruise into summer.  Make sure you share your training pictures.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Oktoberfest 2016 Reunion Party Feb 9 @ Barons Jewelers in Dublin

We relived Oktobefest 2016 with lots of the Hacker Herren from the Bay Area.  We will held it at Barons Jewelers at 7:00pm-10:00 pm.  The Little Red Riding Truck @redridingtruck provided schnitzel and brats for our enjoyment. We had some malted beverages for all to enjoy too. This year we have another great video to watch that Jason Cunningham made for us with all of the pictures that you submitted.  Everyone is welcome, whether you have been to Ofest with us or not.    Yes women are welcome to the reunion party!! Thanks for attending Lauren Metheny!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016-Another Great Year in the Hacker Festzelt for the Hacker Herren

Leemo getting anointed ROY16 from Ukey

55 guys from around the USA (and England) descended upon the Hacker Festzelt for three days of fun, brotherhood, and prosting on Sept 22-24, 2016.  The highlight has to be the video below where Vedo chugged 3 masses.  Was there any doubt that he would win the HAM award?  Bad Monkey personalized it with a Navy Seal patch that is extremely prized and revered.  It was a touching ceremony that demonstrated the brotherhood that has developed within the Hacker Herren group. Congrats to Vedo on his award on his 10th year in a row at Oktoberfest with group.   The ROY16 was won by a member of the Midwest Mafia, Mark Leemaster.  Leemo hails from the Midwest Mafia and they were proud to have one of their own take the hat back to Chicago.  Leemo espoused the spirit of friendship and camaraderie throughout his 3 days in Bavarian Heaven.  He is very proud to be the caretaker of the ROY hat for the upcoming year.  We look forward to watching him wear it with pride.  Congrats LEEMO.  Rico and his staff at the Ars Vivendi did another great job making us feel welcome again.  The servers welcomed us with brotherly love when we were with them.  Welcome to the team, Phil and Louis.  The upstairs team on Saturday night of Anke, Tom, and Simon also continue to take great care of the Hacker Herren.  The GM of the tent, Christoph continues to make us feel very welcome inside the tent.  We missed Abdul at the door managing security and Christian "Da Man" Bullert wasn't able to join us, but we still managed to have a great year.  The crowds were a bit down this year due likely to security concerns, but we didn't feel at risk throughout our stay.  Security was in force around the perimeter and ensured everyone was safe throughout.  Thank you to all the guys of the Hacker Herren 2016 for making it another memorable year.  Prost!!  Until 2017..

Vedo's World Famous Chug of 3 Masses (liters) helped earn him HAM 16

Vedo is a LEGEND in the Hacker Festzelt.    He chugged 3 liters back to back to back in 32 seconds.  Men who have been going to Ofest for  more than 40 years swear they have never seen such a feat!  Half of the tent was cheering, "Vedo, Vedo, Vedo!!!  And on top of all of that, Vedo has been with the Hacker Herren every year for 10 straight years.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hacker Herren Gives Back To The Community-The Joseph House for Veterans

The Hacker Herren not only has fun while at Oktoberfest each year, we also give back to the community. This year we have chosen to support the Joseph House.
located in Cincinnati, where many of the Midwest Mafia live.  The Joseph House supports homeless veterans.  Check out all the good work they do

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer is here...So training is officially under way. Check out some training pictures

Leemo, Doc, and Utah are getting ready.  Their masses look tasty!
Slàinte training in Dublin, IR with ex-UCLA baseball coach (who formerly shared an office with John Wooden!!)

Goose and Mav kicked off the training season in MUNICH!!!
Blitz getting some training with an admiring audience and a frosty cold one
Mutig is travelling solo this year, but he is still training hard and will be ready!
Doc and Utah look like they are about to start tapering... they are READY FOR OKTOBERFEST!

See no Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil... We know all about these three guys
Hoff and Davey Boy training in Leavenwoth, WA...A Bavarian Town in the USA!!!