Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ever been to a party with over 100 people and you don't know a single soul? Meet Andy "Ash" Ashley ROY 23

Ash arrived at ORD to go to Oktoberfest with over 100 guys that he doesn't know because he's heard from Todd Bauman what a great group of guys this is. Todd's passport expires soon so the airline won't let him board the plane. This doesn't stop Ash, he decides to go to the party with the Hacker Herren anyways. So, now Ash doesn't know even one person when he boards the plane. He immediately makes friends on the flight over as some of the Hacker Herren are also on the flight. Next, he arrives in the tent and starts making friends immediately. His smile is infectious. His tattoos are numerous. And the number of friends he made during the three days exceeds 100!! He ran around one day wearing a chicken suit trying to make new friends and bring them into the Hacker Festzelt to enjoy the Hacker Herren. This shows the big spirit of "gemutlichkeit" that he clearly understands and embraces. Wear the hat with pride, Ash. You deserve it! Congratulations

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