Saturday, October 1, 2022

Duke was tied to the yardarm but still took away the big title of ROY 22!!

 If anyone epitomizes the spirit of Oktoberfest and shared the gemutlichkeit that defines Oktoberfest it is Mike (Duke) Carpentier.  Duke was the friendliest guy in the tent.  He met everyone, had funny stories to share, was there from opening to closing each day (and two days before!!) .  He really embraced the spirit of the Hacker Herren and loved being a part of the group.  When he broke out the bandana and one eyed glasses, the inner pirate in him came shining through.  Maybe next year he will take along his trusted partner, Salty the Parrot!  Prost, Duke and congrats on ROY22. See you in '23.

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