Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oktoberfest Memories

Congrats EVERYONE to an amazing trip this year! We all survived and have stories to tell. I have to say, it was my BEST Oktoberfest ever. Maybe it was due to the quality rookies and watching them experience OFest for the first time. Maybe it was partying with all the other veterans and meeting new professional beer drinkers. Or, perhaps it was spending time with family and dancing like a fool with blatant disregard for life's normal responsibility.

Regardless, it was the best. I think we all owe a big 'Danke' to Ken Bloom for the set-up and execution of a flawless trip. The Saturday night meeting at the Tryp hotel was a highlight!

Our Servers! Mathias / Micha / Eric / Dominik ~ the all star crew.

Bad Monkey

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