Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holy Sh.T ! Did This Really Happen???

Subject: Holy Sh.t did that really happen? Top 10 reasons why we all feel sick, can't talk, and will sign up all over again in '10

1) Yes, big Azevedo VEDO set 4 Hacker Pschorr records for
a) Most masses chugged in one day w/o puking-3
b) Most masses chugged in 2 days- 6
c) fastest mass chugged and turning the mass upside down like we did in the old days - 6 secs
d) causing most victims to puke after challenging him- 2 VIDO (Mikey) and the German dude who puked at the table

2) Mikey Azevedo Vido overcame his 50-1 odds to win ROY '09. Is there really any doubt if he will come back in '10 and hand the hat over to ROY '10?
a) First member of our group to ever chug a beer
b) first member of our group to pass out 3 nights in a row
c) first member of our group to be the first guy in the lobby EVERY DAY

3) ROY '07 Das Enema didn't argue that he should be the current ROY again!

4) We had a gay dance off 2 nights in a row w/ shirts being taken off and dancing together Maverick, Hasselhoff, Das Enema, Blah, Blackout, Bad Monkey and others i'm sure

5) ROY '08- Blackout took a train back and forth to get back to the hotel so he didn't have to defecate in the tent

6) Joe Sanchez - Sanchez came on Thursday night despite the fact that he had to deal with big personnel issues throughout Europe and then move his family from UK to Austin, TX on Sunday.

7) Blah got kicked out of the tent and was back in the tent in less than one minute

8) Doid bought about 10 small bottles of Jaegermeister to bring back to his buddies and drank all of them within an hour

9) Jester slept in a train station, Stan B slept on a park bench, Vedo slept in the stoop outside of the ladies bathroom, and at the table, and on the hill of shame!

10) The boys were ROCK STARS again in '09

Thanks to all for making it another great year. Look forward to the reunion party, the party at Rusty's bar, the Par 4 Kids sake golf tourney and whatever else we can find excuses for to laugh again.

Herr Hasselhoff

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