Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nobody has ever had a bigger ROY lead going into Oktoberfest as Rabbit!!!

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Paul Sanchez on the birth of their 4th child.  Paul wore his lederhosen and his Game Day jersey in the delivery room!!!  He may be the 3rd Sanchez brother to join the Hacker Herren, but he may be the first ROY Sanchez.  Good luck Paul, you are off to a flying start.  Maybe we ought to give the award to his wife.  4 children, one of them 2 weeks old and she is letting Paul go to Oktoberfest in two weeks???  She is definitely going to win the first ever  WOY Award. Congrats all around the Sanchez family (including the new Uncles Bad Monkey and The Godfather).  We will all Prost you in Munich. 

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