Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A report from the front lines by our uber scout Leppie (AKA Callahan)

I have completed my advance scouting mission concerning our impending invasion of O' Fest in Munich and submit the following report.I landed in Munich at appx. 14:00 hours on 7-1-08 traveling undercover with wife and children. We engaged a taxi and headed for Hotel Maria. Taxi ground speed 150KPH (fast). taxi fare 60 Euros, elapsed time to destination: 40 minutes.Upon arrival found weather to be quite nice, appx 23 c or 80 degrees.We entered hotel lobby and found very friendly staff. While in the hotel lobby area I visited the site of the former bio hazard. The water closet seemed to be in good working order and clean, scent was fresh. facility appears to have made a full recovery.We then made our way to the outdoor garden area. fresh plantings abundant, new tablecloths, appears to be very suitable for convening of forces. A visit to the mess hall was then completed. Food appeared to be fresh, flavorful, and abundant. Hotel California by the Eagles was playing in the background.After solving the mystery of the door locks we entered our spacious rooms. Bedding areas seem simple, however sufficient for our needs. I found sufficient supplies of toilet tissue on hand.My understanding is we have switched sites fro our bedding needs. If that falls thru Hotel Maria will be suitable.On three separate occasions we visited the Hoffbrau House in town square. The beer was cold and tasty The umpah bands were tuning up for their impending festival .I conversed with the local who were sporting their native attire, lederhosen. It is said that the terminology for the style surrounding the use of lederhosen during O'Fest is commonly know by the locals as the metrosexual look. This should be considered prior to acquiring lederhosen for your troops.I then visited ground zero. The locals were starting to construct the beer halls and assemble the rides and vending booths. From my vantage point I could view the Hill of Shame. It was unoccupied at the time. I trust that the intense training program we have all been on this year will keep any of our troops from visiting this dreadful site.After much research it is my humble opinion that the invasion of O"Fest by our forces is well timed and has a high probability of success. Please circulate this filed report.Respectably submittedField Marshall Der Leppie

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