Sunday, August 24, 2008

Training for the Wiesn is now complete

Herr Hasselhoff, Der Stinker, Dee, Leppie, ROY '07, Der Pudge, and Rando had a big weekend and they have officially finalized thier last hardcore training session for Ofest '08. They will now be tapering for the stretch run leading up to the entrance to the Hacker Tent. Festivities kicked off in Las Vegas at Hofbrauhaus. If you haven't been there yet, you need to get there. It is an exact replica of the HB haus in Munich. Hasselhoff, Der Stinker, and Dee met up with some of our German friends, Anna and Craig for some serious workouts. We had our some of our family members with us and now they all totally understand why we would travel to Munich for a weekend of beer drinking. We had a great time and the headaches in the morning to prove it. This was followed up by another training session for Hasselhoff as he joined Roy 07 to celebrate his big 50 birthday along with Rando, Pudge, and Leppie. We spent a day on the SF bay aboard a beautiful boat and then polished off the night with a roast of Roy 07 (lots of material).

We have a few pix from the various festivities, I hope you enjoy them. If there are any other training pix, please send 'em in.

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Unknown said...

Oh Brit your a natural at the german folk dance. LOL