Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did our Waiter Christian Really Fly Out From Germany For Our Reunion?

You should never be surprised by 'Da Man! He stepped up huge by flying in from Munich ONLY FOR OUR REUNION!!! Der Stinker and Herr Hasselhoff managed to show him a good time in SF for a couple days along with our wives. We didn't make it out of the Buena Vista Restaurant on the first day to SF, but managed to have some fun in the evening. Dinner at Asia SF (don't ask...) and a late night at Club Infusion topped off a festive day. Da Man dropped off the oldtimers back at the hotel and went out for round 2 late into the night. The next day was Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard St. and other tourist things.

Huge props to Da Man Christian Bullert for making the reunion very memorable.

Thanks to Leppie for letting us use his winery to host the party and to Der Stinker, Mabster, and Dee for helping with the setup. Vondii brought the A/V system that we watched Dee's great video with. If anyone wants a copy of the DVD that Dee made, let me know. I have more copies.

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Anonymous said...

Heck yeah he did!!!

I am still smiling and enjoying the glow of the reunion! Thank you all for giving me such a warm welcome and allowing me to contribute to a bavarian style night.
I owe you, Herr Hasselhoff and Der Stinker, for the great time in SF as well.

I will have to make this blog a relapsing comeback or even my starting site to keep up with the latest from CA planning.
Great to hear you are sold out, very sad to see German hotels can't manage more than 32 "tourists".
Anyway, it is about halftime now and so we are looking forward to another silent and contemplative Oktoberfest... Har!
We are shaping up the renewed team as Mattias and Dominik definitely won't be serving you guys beers this year. The rookies shouldn't be a downgrade though.
As for my schedule I am keeping my focus on the dates and try to make those two weeks available but it'll be depending on whether I can get the vacation or not.

I am throwing in a big "Prost" and hope you and all your families are doing great these days.

Best from cold Munich,
Da Man