Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Field is Limited To 32 People This Year-WE ARE SOLD OUT!

The Hotel Trypp can only handle 32 of us this year, so we are limiting the number of attendees. As of middle of Feb. we are completely sold out!!! Team Chicago (are we really surprised?) is back for another round at the Wiesn. Blackout and his crew have a year of experience under their belts now... Look out! Joe Sanchez will be attending for a record setting 16th time! Joe recruited a bunch of fellas from Maxim this year so the Maximites will be representing also! And this year Der Stinker has recruited a couple of future AA candidates. Welcome aboard Rip and Stam-Iam. We also have a few guys who are back after taking some time off... Mckibbin, Hahn, and Vondii are all back and rarin' to go. This year's class has 11 Rookies all vying for the coveted green hat. ROY '07 is still scheming to find a way to get the hat back, but it ain't gonna happen. Keep your eye on this space... more info coming

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