Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Itinerary Friday Sept 28 ROOKIES CAN NOT BE LATE FOR THE 7:45 assembly!!!

Friday 9/28 morning at 8am ALL ROOKIES MUST BE PRESENT TO SECURE SEATS, we all need to be back in the same place (Hacker Festzelt, section H). Meet in the hotel lobby at 8 and we will walk over together. They start serving beer at 10. We do not have reservations for Friday. It is a nightmare saving seats, so meet in the lobby by 7:45am and we will head over to Hacker. We will spend virtually the whole day in Hacker that day. Get to the tents as early as possible, because many of the Germans in Munich will take a half-day off of work Friday and fill the tents. The doors close around 3 or 4pm sometimes, and it is hard to get in. If the doors ARE closed, call Joe Sanchez on his cell phone and we will try to get you in (+44 7770 273 185).

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