Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Miscellaneous Info

Clothes: This is very informal. Wear comfortable shorts or pants. Have both available. Normally the weather is nice, so shorts are appropriate. If it is raining and cold, then you could still wear shorts, but you’ll get wet on the walk to the tent. It will not be cold in the tent. If it is 75 outside, it will feel like 175 inside. Lots of smoke, sweaty people, and spilled beer. Your shoes will get beer spilled all over them. Don’t wear nice shoes. You likely will not need a nice set of clothes, although some adventurous people have gone out to clubs after the O’fest closes at 11pm. Take a look at the various pix that we have sent and you can see how casual the dress is. Here is a listing of the shirts that we will all wear: Thursday: Polo Shirt Friday: Green Baseball Jersey Sat: T-Shirt

You will receive your travel bag and shirts and other schwag around Sept. 1.

Weather: Normally it is 75 or so. However, it could be 50 and raining. Bring a light jacket just in case it is raining and you have to be outside for the 200 meter walk from/to the hotel. Bring a jacket that you don’t care if it gets lost or VERY dirty.

Money; Normally I would expect > $350 US to be enough to pay for beer and food and trains, but you should probably count on $400-$500 because you are going to be in a good mood and want to buy your new German friends a few beers. A taxi to the airport is about $70. If you are going to take taxis and buy lots of beers for your new best friends, then you need to bring lots more money. Beers are about $10 each (per liter). USD will not do you any good there. They do have ATM’s that you can get Euros from or you can get them at the airport or at your bank before departure. They have ATM’s at the airports, throughout the city and at the Wies’n itself.

Beer & Food We normally contribute 50 Euros to the kitty each day and that typically covers the beer for the day. Beers are served in liters only and normally cost about 8 Euros (+/- $10 US) Occassionally, we need to buy the last beer or two on our own if the kitty runs out that day. Food is <25 style=""> Normally we buy pizzas after the festivities across the street from the Wiesn. This costs another 5 Euros or so.

Hotel: Hotel Maria

Hotel MARIA Munich

Schwanthalerstr. 112-114

80339 Munich/Germany


+49 (0) 89 / 510826


+49 (0) 89 / 505520


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