Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Drunkenstein will be wearing the ROY hat for 2013. Congrats Jeff Baxter

Drunkenstein rocked the reverse Mohawk (yes that is a shaved stripe in his hairline on the top picture) proudly on the first day. After that he traded  his prestigious Hacker Herren checkered shirt with an Royal Navy helicopter pilot for the wildest looking shirt in the tent.  He was having a great time drinking beer with as many of his new best friends as possible throughout the weekend.  His brother K-Bax was sure proud of him!  It was even more exciting to see him win since he was the winner of the trip via our Charity Auction!  Thanks for supporting the Black Hats Foundation with your bid and now you can wear the ROY hat all year.  We can't wait to see you sitting on the dock at the lake wearing the hat next summer.  Congrats to Jeff Baxter, ROY 14!

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