Saturday, October 26, 2013

You think you know...but you have no idea explained by Bear Man

Thank you notes from Bear Man
(Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for the idea)
·         Thank you, strange man sleeping in my bed, for the great story. And for not stealing anything when you left the room.
·         Thank you, Charlie from Mike’s Bikes, for the excellent tour of Munich.
·         Thank you, bench that pops up on one end when someone gets up, for showing me a new color of green under my toenail after slamming down on my toe.
·         Thank you, Hacker Pschorr, for the delicious nectar!
·         Thank you, songs stuck in my head, for still being there 3 weeks later.
·         Thank you, strange person that gave me a pack of tube socks, for the pillow.
·         Thank you, everyone around me, for putting up with the excited kid that ate all the cookies Christmas morning.
·         Thank you, Hill of Shame, for reminding me to get my ass back to the hotel.
·         Thank you, Chicago Mafia, for including me as we walked thru the airports. Knowing where to go, and where to plug in devices, was really helpful!
·         Thank you, superhot 25 yr old brunette from Colonge, for thinking that I am worthy. I will never ever forget the phrase “You want to make par-tee?”
·         Thank you, United Airlines, for the safe flight. And for seating me next to the HUGE old lady that I shared my seat with on the way over.
·         Thank you, Anna and Sophie. Your patience outshines your beauty, and that is a tough act to follow.
·         Thank you, ferris wheel, for being my guiding beacon as I tried to find my way home from the bar.
·         Thank you, the shakes, for going away.
·         Thank you, police station that closes at 2am, for not keeping me out too late.
·         Thank you, Hammer, for the invitation. And Herr Hoff for the organization.
·         Thank you, former Rookies of the Year, for considering me in your voting. I am honored to be considered among such tough competition!
·         Thank you, everyone that offered me money, I can honestly say that this group does not leave a man behind!
·         Thank you, salt, for being the #1 ingredient in everything I ate.
·         And most of all, thank you HACKER HERREN! You guys know how to do things right. You paved the way for the rest of us, set a fantastic example, and are truly a great group of guys. This trip was like going to the Super Bowl but with 50 yard line seats and a concierge. Ken, you DA MAN.

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