Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rabbit is the winner of the inagural HAM Award

For the first time, we not only had our prestigious ROY award, but also a HAM Award.  The HAM is the Hacker Meister which is awarded to the veteran that had the best time and best personified the spirit of Oktoberfest with the Hacker Herren.  Rabbit was the winner and will wear the beautiful Luminox watch that Barons Jewelers donated. Additionally, he will wear the HAM vest that was also awarded to him.  Anybody that wrestled in dog "stuff", smoked a cigarette with the wrong end in his mouth, slept in the hallway of the hotel, was willing to take anyone's punches to the sternum, and many other things that are not G rated helped him earn the title.  Congrats Rabbit!!

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